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Gourmet Hamburger and Cheeseburger

What is a Caterer?

A catering team is responsible for the preparation, delivery and display of food at events. We will prepare your food off-site and transport it to your venue. 

We plan every aspect of the cuisine from sourcing the ingredients to ensuring there is enough food to feed everyone depending on the number of guests and the length of the event. It is a job that involves planning, logistics and of course, the ability to create delicious food that will entertain your guests. 

Please remember that we are not just providing and cooking food we are also brining a mobile kitchen to you. Our cooking equipment and trailer uses propane, diesel, petrol and electricity for power. We also need staff for larger events. We try our hardest to not pass this on to our customers.iTo keep things simple though, we use a simple cost per head equation that starts from £8 up to £15 dependant on the type of food required.

What information do we need to plan your event? 

The cost of a catering service can vary depending on several factors: 

  • Number of Guests
  • Event type
  • Meal type
  • Location

Number of guests 

This greatly effects the cost of the event as exact food numbers can be purchased and waste minimised. it is always useful for event organisers to have guest numbers and RSVP’s where possible. This is the best tip I can give to keep your quote as competitive as possible.

Event type

Are you looking for your guests to mingle and move around the venue, or will they be mostly seated? HeartCiibo specialise in informal buffet style events centred around our compact and stylish trailer.

We have two service types, firstly the informal buffet style of event most suited to our ‘informal buffet menu‘, and secondly our ‘quick cook walk up menu‘ where guests pay themselves, which is perfect for larger gatherings, charity events, festivals & fundraisers.

Meal type 

Another major consideration is the type of food you would like us to serve. Larger events work better with items that are served quickly such as burgers or pizzas where smaller events are more suited to more complex and adventurous cuisines!

We are experts in informal dining and can provide a selection of hot mains, sides salads and dips and desserts. See our informal buffet menu.

It is also to consider peoples dietary needs. Do you need a vegetarian or Gluten free option? Again, these are considerations than can really help your event go perfectly.


We are located in a beautiful village in Cambridgeshire called Stilton. We are more than happy to travel to your event within a 50 miles radius of PE7.