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BRITFEST| 17th, 18th & 19th of September 2021. All cards accepted.

Breakfast Day 2 - 8am to 10am Day 3 - 8am to 11am

Light Lunch Menu Day 1 - 2pm to 4pm Day 2 -12pm to 2.30pm

Evening Menu Day 1 - 6pm to Close Day 2 - 5pm to Close

Gourmet Hamburger and Cheeseburger
Gourmet Hamburger and Cheeseburger
Gourmet Hamburger and Cheeseburger
Gourmet Hamburger and Cheeseburger
Gourmet Hamburger and Cheeseburger
Gourmet Hamburger and Cheeseburger
Gourmet Hamburger and Cheeseburger

HeartCibo Pre-order & Walk-Up Menu | Pre-orders save 10% | Use Code:CIBO2021 at checkout

Add product to select Gluten Free options, additional sauces & 'Double-Up' if available. Use code:CIBO2021 at checkout for 10% off your entire order *excludes sale items.

Min Order: £8.00

Tired of the same old festive menu?

Try something different this year! We even come to your workplace.


Most frequent questions and answers

CIBO, (pronounced Cheebo), is Italian for food. SO HeartCibo literally means ‘Love Food’. We are a locally run mobile caterer, that specialise in locally sourced ingredients offered at Take-away prices.  

HeartCibo operates in three main categories. Firstly, we visit Parishes on a monthly rotating basis.  Currently we have the pleasure of visiting Holme, Warmington, Ailsworth, Castor, Woodhurst & last but not least Catworth. These are a great opportunity for us to build a relationship with local residents, and to serve a variety of classics both old and new.  Secondly, we offer the opportunity for individuals & organisations to hire HeartCibo for their own private events.  This could be a wedding, birthday party or just a good old ‘knees up’. Finally, we visit local events, farmers markets & organised seasonal gathering such as Christmas markets.  If you would like to hire us for your event, please get in touch as we have some amazing bespoke packages available.  For details of other upcoming events please visit our main events page.

For a number of reasons, all of which we hope improve the quality and experience for our customers. Firstly, pre-ordering allows us to offer collection slots that keep our customer safe.  This in turn then minimises the amount of contact you will have whilst picking up your take-away.  Pre-ordering also allows customers to pick a time slot that is convenient for them.  Pre-ordering also allows us to manage orders more effectively.  As a direct result, we can continue to offer restaurant quality food at take-away prices.

Yes, for example our standard Gourmet burger is equal in quality to a ‘GBK’ burger. The only difference is our burger is £5.95 and the ‘GBK’ burger is £7.35! We can only bring quality, at this price by continuing to purchase fresh local ingredients. Pre-ordering helps us to achieve this. goal We are also very conscious of food waste. By pre-ordering, you can help reduce food waste by as much as 70%. We hope you will agree with us the benefits of pre-ordering far outweigh the negatives.

Take your time and browse the menu from the comfort of your own arm-chair. Once you have made your choices you can add the items to your basket. Once you have added your last item go to ‘view basket’. Click ‘proceed to checkout’ to start the final stage.   Follow the simple instructions, only this time you will need to select a date time and location. We will confirm your order immediately and you will receive an email & call on the night when your order is ready to collect. Please make sure to check Spam folders. You can pay during checkout or by cash or card on the night.

When we serve, we consider ourselves to be guests in the location we are serving in.  As such, we take our social responsibilities seriously.  We can guarantee that we will be operating as per the National Catering Associations guidelines.  Masks, test-and-trace, sterile work areas, social distancing, and pre-order only collections slots all assist in making sure we operate as safely as we possibly can.


As you can imagine, towing your kitchen around behind you can be an expensive affair. As such, we have set the minimum order amount to £10. We feel this strikes a balance between being profitably viable, whilst still allowing smaller orders. If your order does not make the minimum amount, why not club in with some mates and place one larger order? Alternatively, feel free to email us at [email protected] and we will do our best to fit you in.


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